“I just love frozen yogurt, but as far as I’m concerned, I’d never eaten any until now,” declares redgirl, whose world was forever changed by the Greek-style stuff from Öko. “It was transcendent, the best frozen yogurt in Brooklyn right now.”

Like LA import Pinkberry, Öko eschews the gums and stabilizers that lend artificial creaminess to some competitors. It also holds the sugar to a minimum, allowing actual yogurt-y sourness to come to the fore. “Addictive—nicely rich and tart, and not too sweet,” reports pitu. “Not like cheesy fro-yo Tasti D-Lite places.”

Not cheap, either, at nearly $4 for six ounces before toppings. redgirl says she justifies the expense by ordering a couple of flavors (it comes in plain, berry, or Key lime), crowning it with plenty of berries and walnuts, and making it a light lunch. Other toppings include coconut, dried apricot, and dark chocolate pieces. The Park Slope shop—others are reportedly in the works—also serves decent coffee and organic specialty teas.

Not everyone has fallen for Öko. “It was pretty good. But sadly, it is no Pinkberry,” writes alicemunro. “Pinkberry is lighter and doesn’t leave an aftertaste.”

Speaking of Pinkberry, the empire from the coast is preparing to open its fifth Manhattan shop, in a potentially lucrative space near the Columbia campus. “Ooh,” frets haleyjen, “I live right there … that could be deadly!”

Öko [Park Slope]
152 Fifth Avenue (near Douglass), Brooklyn

Pinkberry [Morningside Heights]
To open at 2873 Broadway (between W. 111th and 112th streets), Manhattan

Pinkberry [Herald Square]
7 W. 32nd Street (between Fifth Avenue and Broadway), Manhattan

Pinkberry [Chelsea]
170 Eighth Avenue (between W. 18th and 19th streets), Manhattan

Pinkberry [Nolita]
41 Spring Street (between Mulberry and Mott), Manhattan

Pinkberry [Upper East Side]
1577 Second Avenue (near E. 82nd Street), Manhattan

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