Carrot juice for breakfast, yum yum. Nonetheless, if you’re anything like me, you’ve considered those juice detox programs (or am I letting my Northern Californian heritage show?). Never done it myself, which is perhaps why I’m finding the adventures of the food blogger at 28 Cooks so interesting. She’s on a 21-day juice detox program, which she is chronicling on a side blog, 28 Detoxifies.

Well, here it is at the close of Day One, and amazingly enough, I’m still alive and kicking. Actually, it wasn’t nearly as tough as I thought it would be. *knocks on wood* I did have a headache in the middle of the afternoon, which was probably due to my separation from my longtime companion and steady confidante, Caffeine.

I think humor helps the situation; it certainly helps make the blog an enjoyable read. “Allegedly, there was an incident on Saturday that involved a moment of weakness and 4 tortilla chips. Allegedly. If it did actually happen, I’m sure I would probably have felt pretty guilty (and had a slight stomach ache) for the remainder of the day. But I would have also have been reassured that I am 100% human.”

Of course, going from avid food blogger to active juicer is not without its own challenges. Photography is one of them. “I’ve discovered juices do not really photograph well, or come out looking like anything you’d want to drink,” she writes to explain the lack of photos on the site. Then there is the issue of buying vegetables, which you wouldn’t think would be an issue but sometimes is.

I was at Walmart a few weeks ago … buying some vegetables. I didn’t have a large order, only about 6 or 7 bags of different produce, which I placed on the belt. There was a little 7 or 8 year old boy in front of me with his mother who was eyeing my purchases for awhile before he leaned into his mother and whispered, ‘Why does she have all of those vegetables??’ His mother turned and looked at my order, looked at me, and then turned back to her son and with a dead-serious voice said, ‘Because that’s what weird people eat.’

Follow the continuing adventures in healthy juicing at 28 Detoxifies.

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