Amy Finley is The Next Food Network Star, and foodie bloggers mostly seem to approve. Bill Lamb at Reality Cooking looks forward to Finley’s “The Gourmet Next Door” concept, which will air in the fall, and was impressed by her “genuine easy voice with the camera. She really does look and act like someone I might find next door.” Mike at TV Food Fan says he is “still not 100% sold on her cuisine, but I do feel a bit better about her on-camera presence.” Jacob at Food Network Addict was surprised, and not very impressed with the quality of the show. He also links to an interview with ex-contestant Adrien Sharp, who offers this revealing sore-loser quote:

It just blew my mind. It blew everyone’s minds. There was no way Amy would win … and after it was announced, everyone just gathered around [fellow finalist Rory Schepisi], and Amy just stood there with a funny expression on her face.

Blogger Tracey Thompson at Foodie Obsessed, however, appreciated how Finley “grew during the competition,” and admits “the mom in me was rooting for the dreams of our Stay-at-home mom to come true.”

Moms and others wondered, though: What happened to Finley’s husband? Listed in Finley’s Q&A, the mysterious spouse never appeared in the finale’s bio section. Speculation runs rampant. Is he camera-shy? Did they get divorced? Does he work for the government? Should we really care this much?

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