Yum Cha Café, a little place tucked into the San Gabriel Superstore, looks like a Hong Kong tea shop fallen on hard times: harsh lighting, stacks of metal trays, and melamine tables like you had in elementary school. But the food is eclectic and surprisingly good, and the prices unbelievably low, says Das Ubergeek.

The ladies at the counter are friendly and helpful. Make sure to get the brown sugar rice cakes, a treat you won’t find in most places.

The usual dumpling suspects are all delicious and very fresh—juicy shiu mai, un-rubbery har gow, just-made cheung fun, and sweet custard buns that manage to escape oversweetening. And the black bean spare ribs are the meatiest anywhere, adds monku.

Eight items run about $12, and there’s a tea charge of 25 cents per person (most regulars seem to bypass that by asking for a side bowl for their soup and filling it at the tea station).

A freestanding location on Atlantic Boulevard in Monterey Park is either open now or in the works—the address is on the menu.

Yum Cha Café [San Gabriel Valley]
1635 S. San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel

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