Sam B made an awesome discovery: El Cactus Tacos, a brand-new taqueria in the teeny-tiny town of Boyes Hot Springs. If you order tacos and you’re lucky, you’ll get gorgeous meats on beautifully fresh tortillas, pressed to order. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get tacos made with commercial tortillas—which are still great, but not quite as great as the fresh.

kare_raisu is completely impressed with the wonderful tacos mineros, or tacos of the miner. This is an oddball specialty, and really hard to find. Traditionally, it’s tacos wrapped in cloth and held over steam for long preservation—a necessity in old mining towns. The only other version she’s ever found was at San Diego’s Mama Testas, and the Mama Testas version “does not even hold a dribbling candle to these guys.” When you order it here, the taquero opens up a steamer pot and pulls forth a little aluminum foil package. The steaming has softened the tacos and melded them together. He opens up the package and ladles in a delicious chile-fortified tomato sauce, then scoops on the usual toppings. For $6, you get five glorious steamed tacos—two filled with a rich pork guisado, another filled with frijolitos and queso, and two with mashed potatoes. This place, she says, is “a cut above other taquerias.”

The tortas are good, but not as great as the tacos.

We don’t have an exact address, but the town is small enough that nobody seems to have any problem finding the place.

El Cactus Tacos [Sonoma]
Address unknown, Boyes Hot Springs

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