Next to the California Street branch of Mercado Marlen in Mountain View is Taqueria Marlen. It is very, very good, says grinch. His wife adds that it reminds her of her youth in Mexico—it tastes just like the sort of food you get at the in-between spots when you’re traveling from town to town.

They have some magic stuff, including lamb barbacoa tacos and consomé de barbacoa. Barbacoa is meat slow-cooked over an open fire; consomé de barbacoa is the juice runoff from the making of the barbacoa. You sip the consomé as you eat the tacos. I can’t think of a better life experience than that.

Taqueria Marlen [Peninsula]
Next to Mercado Marlen
2530 California Street, Mountain View

Board Link: Mercado and Taqueria Marlen in Mt. View

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