On August 24th,Today’s Matt Lauer had a sit-down with Cookie Monster and grilled him about his eating habits.

At one point, the interview got extremely tense when Matt Lauer suggested Mr. Monster was going on an all-fruit diet, and Mr. Monster retorted, “No! You members of the media blow story way out of proportion! Me still like cookies!” The upshot is, Mr. Monster is trying to eat everything in moderation.

Although yours truly remains undamaged by a childhood spent watching Cookie Monster shove Styrofoam cookies down his black felt throat,
much ado was made a few years ago when it became clear that Mr. Monster was making an effort to rein in his sweet tooth in consideration of impressionable children.

The blog Kiss My Sass’ reaction to this ground-breaking interview was, “Blame the Cookie Monster for the American obesity epidemic? I’m so sure. I guess Super Size Me was a fluke and Fast Food Nation will change the script to do an expose on the fear-inducing Children of the Cookie!” MTV’s Best Week Ever blog had the best comment ever, “We somehow think a character named “The Fruit Monster” would give Jerry Falwell a heart attack.” Indeed.

See the rebroadcast on October 16th. Check your local listings. And your local cookie jar.

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