What are you doing this weekend?

If you’re heading for a party or just craving something sweet, you might be whipping up a batch of the still übertrendy dessert of the decade—cupcakes!

But cupcakes have gone way beyond just something to eat. They are now our premier signifier of “the cute.” Craft fairs and art shows are filled with cupcakes that look good enough to eat—except that they’re made of fabric, yarn, or felt. You can check out this phenomenon in action at the blog Softies Central, which rounds up scores of handcrafted cupcakes that are so cute you don’t know whether to squeal, cry, or run to the craft store.

Meanwhile, if your artistic medium is actual food, ReadyMade’s blog features a handy roundup of cool cupcake decorating tips, including, supersynergistically, a tutorial from VeganYumYum on how to fashion a ball of yarn from marzipan—a perfect decoration for the cupcakes you’ll serve at your next stitch ’n’ bitch party, where you’ll undoubtedly also be making knitted cupcakes.

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