When it comes to animal cruelty, the Western world probably has the rest of the planet beat via the sheer scale of its industrial livestock concentration camps. But let’s not count Asia out completely; it still has plenty of creative approaches to making animals suffer for our gustatory pleasure.

Case in point: The Yin-Yang Fish. KNBC of Los Angeles has the story of a Taiwanese dish that features a deep-fried fish. Partially deep-fried, that is. The body is all crispy and ready to eat, but the head—shielded from the lethal heat of the oil—is still alive and ready to express its displeasure at being partially cooked and served for dinner. The slideshow and video that accompany the story will give you a better sense of what this entails if you’re legitimately curious.

While this is quite an accomplishment, it leaves a lot of room for follow-ups. The Yin-Yang Pig will be a show-stopper, but there must be really special banquets that demand another step up the ladder. Yin-Yang Cow, anybody?

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