Locavore blogs are lit up with the second annual installation of One Local Summer, founded by Liz of Maine’s minuscule Pocket Farm in hopes of encouraging the use of ingredients that come from within a 100-mile radius of your home.

The challenge, says Liz, is to make one dinner each week of the summer out of all local ingredients (excepting things such as condiments, oil, salt, pepper, spices, and herbs, which may be difficult to scrounge). One Local Summer runs from now until September 16, and all participants are entered in a drawing to win goodies from the Eat Local Challenge Café Press store.

Those taking up the challenge include Phelan at A Homesteading Neophyte, whose first meal included biscuits made with local wheat, and Cookiecrumb at I’m Mad and I Eat, who whipped up some cabbage rolls stuffed with sausage from Marin Sun Farms.

If the descriptions at those blogs aren’t enough to convince you, the photos of Seedling’s meal should get your juices flowing.

Local is luscious.

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