Between security lines, flight delays, cramped seats, and annoying fellow passengers, airline travel can put a damper on any vacation or business trip. But many frequent fliers look forward to one small taste of joy in their travels—in the form of a neatly wrapped Biscoff cookie. Plenty of bloggers sing the praises of this airline treat, and one fan writes in a product review:

Crunchy, sweet with a lovely caramel and butter finish, this is a cookie worth booking a flight for!

But even if you won’t be flying anytime soon, you still can buy a plastic jar of 220 individually wrapped Biscoff cookies for your next few road trips. And they’re a safe snack even if you’re avoiding meat products—according to the message board they’re “wonderfully vegan.”

The recipe for these caramelized biscuits was developed in Belgium in 1932, and they were originally known as Lotus Speculoos, which would have been a lot more fun for flight attendants to say over a crackly PA system. But in 1984, they were picked up by Gourmet Center, an American company that supplies food to airlines, and were renamed Biscoff, a biscuit for coffee, get it?

Anyhoo, some folks just can’t get enough of these babies and have incorporated them into their favorite baked goods. The Biscoff Bake-Off challenged bakers to submit their best Biscoff-inspired recipes, and the winners, including Speculoo-influenced crumb cake, cheesecake, and banana pudding, are published on the Biscoff website.

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