Did you know they still make Magic Shell? This is the stuff that you pour over ice cream, which hardens into a delicious crunchy chocolate shell as if by magic. It was introduced in the early 1980s; you can still buy it, if you can get over your feelings of silliness long enough to get through the checkout line. “Buying Magic Shell now would be like buying condoms in front of your grandmother at 16,” says tatertotsrock.

addiegirl is slightly horrified by this product since she realized that all the “magic” comes from saturated fat. You could probably try to make your own gourmet version with high-quality chocolate chips and butter, but there’s something compelling about the silkiness and the saltiness of the artificial variety that would be pretty hard to duplicate, says Chowpatty. The proper way to enjoy Magic Shell is over regular supermarket vanilla ice cream, not fancy-shmancy vanilla bean ice cream.

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