When Epicurious’s food blog, Epi-Log, directed readers to a new Condé Nast–owned website, Elastic Waist, the first commenter said:

I just briefly looked at Elasticwaist blog, but am offended by some of the language. Don’t plan to look at that blog again!

Now, this reader could be referring to the fact that Elastic Waist drops the f-bomb seven or eight times on its first page—something that readers of the always-wholesome Epi-Log might not have expected from a site devoted to “Rants and musings on weight, body image, celebrities, fitness, food and other fixations.” Or maybe the reader was creeped out by the Marry, Fuck or Kill game featuring Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, and Alton Brown. (Yikes.) Or perhaps the commenter was just offended by Elastic Waist’s suggestion to butter up a chafed butt with extra-virgin olive oil.

But for the food-lovers among us, the most disturbing part of Elastic Waist is its links to diet blogs. I mean, who the heck blogs about food because she doesn’t want to eat it? Well, we’re not talking about anorexic college girls here. Instead, there’s Glossy, who presently weighs in at 181 but whose goal weight is 153, and a Texan blogger named Gwen who describes, in the words of Elastic Waist, “the fucked-up phenomenon of the invisible fat girl.”

While Elastic Waist seems to be reaching for a healthy relationship with food, it does rag on dudes with “Moobs” (that is, “man boobs”). And alongside videos offering healthy recipe how-tos (and questionable fashion advice), it’s got a game show in which unsuspecting contestants guess how many calories are in their lunch … suddenly, I’m feeling pangs of guilt about the delicious herbed egg-salad sandwich I just consumed.

Could it be that the food blog backlash has begun?

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