It certainly shaped up to be a Lucques-cullian sort of week, didn’t it? This past Wednesday, Suzanne Goin, chef and owner of the L.A. area’s Lucques, the Hungry Cat, and A.O.C., was featured as the guest judge on Bravo’s Top Chef. Goin, who was named California’s best chef in 2006 by the James Beard Foundation and also garnered a James Beard award for her cookbook, Sunday Suppers at Lucques, was a tough but fair judge during the competition. After cheftestant Frank Terzoli was named winner of this week’s Elimination Challenge, Goin gave him a copy of her cookbook and also asked him to collaborate on one of her famous Sunday Suppers menus at Lucques.

Completely unrelated to the scandals and skirmishes of the boob tube, Jen of food blog Life Begins at Thirty writes about her recent visit to Lucques, admitting that her soup was so good, it made her selfish:

It’s a lovely space with wonderful food. I had a spicy chickpea and kale soup, and told my dinnermates that I couldn’t share because I was concerned that they’d catch my cold. Mostly true, but I also wanted to savor every bit of the soup that I could.

However, as she mentions, Jen wasn’t the only blogger indulging in Lucques this week. A Finger in Every Pie’s Jen relished her meal so much, she’s going to try and recapture some of the magic in her own kitchen:

Or perhaps, although I won’t be able to match the elegance and deliciousness of what emerges from Lucques’ kitchen, I will try out my newly acquired (and signed!) copy of Sunday Suppers at Lucques. Don’t touch that dial.

By the by, Lucques gets its name from the olive variety. Found in both France and Italy (they take their name from the Italian province), Lucques olives are known as “the Queen of Olives” and taste of “fresh almonds and avocados.”

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