Of all the polarizing foods in the world—anchovies, mayonnaise, brussels sprouts—cilantro has got to be among the most controversial. Cilantro lovers prize its fresh, herbaceous nature and wouldn’t think of enjoying Mexican, Vietnamese, or Indian food without it. H8ers hurl epithets like “soapy” and “disgusting,” and claim the tiniest morsel can ruin a whole dish.

(Take pity on those who can’t abide the leafy form of coriander. In many cases, they may not be picky; instead, they could be super tasters, able to detect a far broader palette of flavors than the rest of us, and proud of it.)

Cilantro haters have banded together to vilify the inescapable herb at IHateCilantro.com, where they exchange messages, shop for merch, and, of course, write poignant haikus:

excuse me, waiter
i prefer guacamole
sans leafy dish soap


I went out to eat
Dish covered with the vile leaf
I went home to eat

Art is a balm that can soothe all wounds.

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