There is a glorious fresh pasta place wedged between the luxury car dealerships of Los Gatos. It is called Pastaria & Market (even though there’s actually no market), and the pasta there ranges from pretty good to ungodly spectacular, says katya.

Sausage lasagne is truly great—the experience of it will linger in your mind for months. Lobster ravioli are rich and superyummy; the dish shows up frequently on the specials menu. Butternut squash ravioli are beautiful, though perhaps a little overwhelmed by the tomato cream sauce they’re served in. And the mundane-sounding pasta with meat sauce is surprisingly good. Pastaria’s marinara sauce is a little boring, and its aglio y olio has a little too much olive oil, but that only means they’re just pretty darn good, instead of heavenly.

Don’t worry about how the stuff looks, says djh. His Caesar salad didn’t appear fresh. “The dressing looked a bit too creamy, and I feared a slick mayonaiss-y mess was about to follow. One bite and I was cured. A burst of fresh lemon complemented the well balanced and surprisingly light dressing.” Most of the dishes are like that: They look a little heavy and clumsy, but once you take your first bite, you won’t be able to lift your head up far enough out of your dish to even see your food.

Prices are shockingly low for such great pasta. Spaghetti with meat sauce is $9; the superluxurious lobster ravioli are $16.

Pastaria & Market [South Bay]
49 E. Main Street, Los Gatos

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