Some Chowhounds hate having gadgets around that only do one thing. And some Chowhounds find themselves with three pounds of cherries for a breakfast clafouti, and no cherry pitter within a 10-mile radius. How can you pit cherries without a special cherry pitting device?

chococat recommends hammering a (clean) nail into a (likewise clean) board so that the point sticks up, then pushing the cherry down on the point until the pit pops out. Some hounds get good results by bending a paper clip into a narrow S shape, then using one end to hook the pit out of the cherry. This method has the advantage of only puncturing one side.

Pei recommends pitting cherries using the business end of a metal pastry bag tip. Of course, another option is to just leave the pits in the cherries as nature intended. The pits will add flavor to your clafouti, and your guests will be forced to savor their food a little more, on threat of choking.

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