Woodminster Café is just a sandwich shop. Except on Friday nights, when a little magic door opens up, and the owner’s wife cooks a few Persian dishes. The dishes vary from night to night; there can be lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, lamb-chicken kebabs. Sometimes there is stew with chicken, pomegranate, and walnut. Sometimes there is stew with lamb and eggplant and lentils in a saffron-infused broth. There’s one stew a night, and if you come back every Friday for a month, you’ll get to taste them all.

Lillian Hsu followed the owner’s recommendation and got a bowl of beautiful lamb stew. “The tender lamb shank meat pulled beautifully off the bone and came with a lovely fragrant broth and a whole roasted tomato, which the owner’s daughter said they grew in their own backyard. We found out from the chef—the owner’s wife—that it was parsley, chives, a ‘spicy vegetable’ whose name she couldn’t tell us, as well as pinto beans. At the end of our meal, the owner’s daughter brought us a complimentary plate of crispy rice remains topped with dribbles of stew.”

The family is absurdly friendly. They will talk you up, give you recommendations, talk about what went into the dishes, tell you what they’re making next week. It is a well-cooked meal, served with love, in pleasant, simple surroundings.

Friday dinners are from 5 to 8 p.m.

Oh, and during the day, they serve the best chicken salad sandwiches in California, says ChewChewChew.

Woodminster Café [East Bay]
5020 Woodminster Lane, Oakland

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Woodminster Cafe–Home cooked Persian food in the Oakland Hills!

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