Good Luck Yogurt is a little yogurt shop in a mall food court, next to a Mervyns, in Newpark Mall. It serves yogurt. And Burmese pickled tea leaves, to go. In regular or spicy.

This is a serious rarity. The process of making this stuff involves fermenting tea leaves in running water for months. Most Chowhounds can only get it by ordering a tea leaf salad at a Burmese restaurant. Some Chowhounds have tried to find out where to get pickled tea leaves for home use by asking their Burmese restaurateur; they have been told that it takes “family connections.” Except here, at Good Luck Yogurt.

A generous package of pickled tea leaves runs you $5, and includes some crispy mix-ins, and plenty of fermented, pickled tea leaves. The counter lady advised Melanie Wong to add fresh lemon juice, dried shrimp, a bit of fish sauce, and chile flakes, if she wanted more of a kick. You can buy house-made balachung (dried shrimp, garlic, and chile condiment) for $4 a half pint.

This stuff is pretty concentrated and powerful; unlike what you might get at a restaurant, it’s pretty much pure tea leaf. You may want to cut it with leafy greens and other veggies. One package of it is about the equivalent of four orders of tea leaf salad at a restaurant.

Good Luck Yogurt [East Bay]
2217 Newpark Mall, Newark

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