There are just two more episodes of The Sopranos left, and that’s making me as full of agita as Adriana before a meeting with the feds. Maybe a flaming “Made” Martini or a creamy, caffeinated Whacked Russian will settle my nerves.

As reported in the Ocean County Observer, the “Made” Martini and the Whacked Russian are part of a slate of cocktails concocted by John Martella, a bartender at Hoboken’s Gaslight restaurant, in celebration of New Jersey’s favorite (fictional) crime family. The article, “Salut, Sopranos,” includes recipes for these and other intriguing libations, including the strawberry jam–infused Carmela Supreme and the Final Whack, which includes bourbon, schnapps, sambuca, and crème de cacao—whacked is just what you’ll feel the next day if you drink too many of these.

A batch of Bada Bings will go nicely with the baked ziti at your Sopranos finale party. And for those who don’t imbibe, you could always serve a delicious amaretto soda.

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