Some Americans find it hard to wrap their heads around the idea of salty lemonade. But, since your body loses salt as well as water when you sweat, a salty, sweet, pungently refreshing drink can be just what hits the spot on a sultry day.

Vietnamese lemonade—which, for the record, is traditionally made from limes—comes in three varieties, says KathyM. Soda chanh is made from lemon, soda, and sugar. Soda chanh muoi is pickled lemon soda, made from salty brined lemons and sugar mixed into soda water. And da chanh is just cold lemonade—lemons, sugar, ice, and still water. Another delicious option is soda xi muoi, or pickled plum soda, a mix of salty pickled plum, sugar, and soda water, served over ice. “It can be very stimulating but a little too salty at times,” says Carb Lover.

You can buy preserved lemons at Asian grocery stores, or make your own. “My fiancé’s Vietnamese mom packs thin-skinned lemons in very salty brine and leaves the jar out in the sun for a few weeks to ferment,” says PekoePeony. “To make the lemonade, she’ll put some of the salty lemon into a glass with sugar and muddle them together before adding ice and either water or soda water.”

One of many salty drinks in Indian cuisine is jal jeera, a cumin lemonade. To make it at home, osho recommends a packaged mix sold under the Everest or Shaan brands in Indian or Pakistani grocery stores.

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