If you’re looking for a side of identity politics with your ham and asparagus crêpes, the upcoming Butch Cookbook should earn a place at your table.

Julie Bindel reports in the Guardian that The Butch Cookbook is “a collection of recipes ‘for the butch on her own, or the butch cooking for a femme who doesn’t cook or is not in the mood.’”

Authors Lee Lynch, Sue Hardesty, and Nel Ward gathered recipes from various lesbian websites. Concentrating on the basics, The Butch Cookbook is geared toward the butch who knows her way around a carburetor better than a refrigerator.

In the authors’ world, any good butch will have a beautiful femme on her arm, who, every now and again, needs to be allowed to put her feet up.

Good advice, no matter what your sexual orientation. But still, there are those who would mock. Blogger Trixtah says of The Butch Cookbook:

[D]oesn’t a real butch just say, ‘Hey, little lady, how’s about you get into that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans, while I chillax in front of the footie?’ Surely a cookbook implies we’d be able to read as well — I can’t do that while holding my beer and whacking my be-aproned femme on the arse at the same time.

You know, be-aproned is an underused adjective.

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