The quirky British blog Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down (self-described as “Your up to the minute source for news in the fast moving world of tea and sit downs”) has alerted us to a very important event coming up next week: the world’s first Wagon Wheel rolling championship, to be held near Slough, England, on May 26.

What’s a Wagon Wheel, you ask? Well, clearly you need to spend a little more time browsing the extensive Biscuit of the Week section of NCOTAASD, or cruising the aisles at Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Invented in 1947, it’s a chocolate-covered marshmallow sandwich cookie. Where the Mallomar is big and bumptious, with its luxurious puff of marshmallow and its glossy enrobement of dark chocolate, the plain-Jane Wagon Wheel may loom larger in nostalgic memory than in sensory appeal.

As for the competition, a fund-raiser for several local hospitals and charities, the goal is to “roll the large mallow and milk chocolate biscuits down the custom-made Wagon Wheel rolling pitch so that they settle in one of the five scoring zones. The player with the highest score over five rolls wins. In the event of a draw a sudden death ‘roll-off’ will occur,” according to Nice Cup of Tea.

Alongside the general-enthusiast and senior entries is a special expert category, in which participants come equipped with their very own self-made rolling aids. The prizes? A case of Wagon Wheels, natch, plus vouchers for “Red Letter Days” valued at 150 pounds sterling, redeemable for all kinds of “I’ve always wanted to drive a race car/bet big on the ponies/be treated fabulously at one of those posh spas” experiences.

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