If its croissants are a fair measure, Chokolat Patisserie is off to a strong start. They’re agreeably dense and sweet, reports HLing, and the chocolate ones achieve an optimal ratio of chocolate to pastry. olia admires their buttery interior and shatteringly crisp yet not overly dry outer layer.

The four-month-old bakery also makes cakes, tarts, cream puffs, muffins, and other treats—not yet sampled by hounds—and serves coffee and tea. But don’t count on hanging out there: The tiny shop has only a handful of stools.

Still, says HLing, it’s an elegant spot and a welcome addition to the neighborhood north of Columbia.

Chokolat Patisserie [Morningside Heights]
3111 Broadway (between La Salle and W. 122nd streets), Manhattan

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