dryer sheet use hacks besides laundry: clean pans, fight static, keep bugs away, and more
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Did you know you can use dryer sheets for a lot more than laundry?

It’s well-known that dryer sheets help soften clothes and keep them free of static. However, these handy household items are capable of so much more. Most dryer sheets are made from a nonwoven polyester material coated with a softening agent. Once it goes through a dry cycle, the softening agent melts away and you’re left with a durable cloth that has a multitude of uses. Instead of tossing them into the trash, try one of these unexpected uses for used dryer sheets and one use for a new one.

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As an Air Freshener

An unused dryer sheet can also refreshen a room and other spaces as well as your clothes. Place a new one in a closet or tape one over the slats of your air conditioner grill. If you have musty boots, pop a dryer sheet in each one. Place one in the bottom of your trash can or in your gym bag to get rid of strong odors. The sheets will freshen the area immediately. Just remember to replace the sheets weekly.

As a Dusting Cloth

Specialty dusting clothes are typically made from polyester. So, your dryer sheets will make a great substitute for them. Use the sheets to dust all the surfaces in your home, especially electronics. The polyester fibers in the dryer sheets remove dust while leaving behind an invisible barrier that helps reduce static electricity.

As a Soap Scum Remover

Dryer sheets are slightly abrasive, which makes them excellent for scrubbing off soap scum. No need to use harsh detergents or cleaners. Just dampen a used dryer sheet with a few drops of water, then scrub away soap scum off your shower door and other bathroom surfaces.

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To Remove Deodorant Marks

Get rid of pesky deodorant marks from dark t-shirts with a dryer sheet. Grab a dryer sheet and rub the area to remove the marks. It’s cheap, fast, and effective.

To Remove Crayon Marks

Did your child decide to practice graffiti on your walls or tabletops with crayons?  No worries, a dryer sheet will help you get rid of them. Just lightly rub the crayon marks with a dryer sheet, and the marks will disappear.

As an Iron Cleaner

Regularly cleaning your iron’s baseplate will keep unwanted smudge marks from appearing on your clothes. To clean the iron, lay a dryer sheet out on your ironing board, and set your iron to its lowest heat setting. Once the iron is warm, rub it over the sheet until the plate is clean.

As a Pet Hair Magnet

Animal lovers know that they can’t wear dark clothing without getting covered in pet hair. However, dryer sheets can help keep some of that hair under control all over your house before it gets on you. Use the dryer sheets to wipe hairs from flooring, furniture, toys, lampshades, and even clothes.

To Remove Stuck-On Food

Baked on food is no match for a dryer sheet. Place a sheet in the middle of the afflicted pan and add warm water and dish soap. Let it sit for an hour, then remove the dryer sheet. The food should be softened and easy to wipe away with a sponge.

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As a Car Bug Remover

Rub away stuck-on bugs from your windshield and bumper with a damp dryer sheet.  The sheet is abrasive enough to remove the dead bugs, but not so harsh that it will damage your car’s windshield or finish.

As a Hair Tamer

Dryer sheets reduce static cling on clothes and they will do the same for your hair. Rub a dryer sheet on the inside of your hats or directly on your hair.  This will prevent your hair from looking like a static mess when you take off your hat.

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