Want to make massive sugar sculptures without the hassle of molding or the creepiness of isomalt? Just build a 3-D printer capable of printing with granulated sugar. The nerdorable DIYers at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (via MetaFilter) did exactly that, and after months of work (and about $500 worth of parts) they ended up with the CandyFab 4000.

Right now, the printer is only capable of making its gigantic, vaguely fried-looking objects with granulated sugar, but the EMSL folks note that “our process has incredible potential for making interesting food,” which could include massive molded chocolates. And why stop with sweets? I’d definitely be into seeing savory applications, too. Granulated-garlic sculptures, for example—pizza places could bring them to your table for birthday parties. (God knows it would be more appetizing than the garlic in those greasy little shakers.)

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