Move over Emeril: You might just have some competition in front of the camera as food bloggers make the leap to TV and video. Though as Nicky of award-winning blog delicious:days explains, she had no idea what she was signing up for when she agreed to participate in a documentary a friend was making:

I will never again judge anyone cooking on TV. A simple action like peeling a garlic clove can turn into a never ending story. The script says, remove that little sprout inside the clove for a close up shot–but none of the cloves have any, your smile and enthusiasm slowly fades after the tenth shot.

She’s not the only food blogger playing around with TV or video. Check out Chez Pim this week for a version of Chez Pim TV, in which the lady of the house demonstrates how to prepare strawberries with vanilla and hibiscus. Pim admits to “fidgeting like a bunny on crack” in the beginning, due to nerves. Adam the Amateur Gourmet has also started playing around with video podcasts on his site, and even 19-year-old chef trainee Aidan “Trig” Brooks is making a series of his own how-to videos that focus on cooking technique. And of course both CHOW and Serious Eats have incorporated video into their sites from the start.

With all this video action, a food blogger TV show is only a matter of time. Although it’s pretty clear that Nicky of delicious:days would prefer not to be the next Food Network star. “TV? No thank you,” she writes. “I think I’ll pass.”

Which food bloggers would you like to see on TV?

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