Could it be that the late, loopy pianist Liberace was just as talented in the kitchen as he was at tickling the ivories? A new book says yes.

Joy of Liberace: Retro Recipes from America’s Kitschiest Kitchen brings together many of the recipes Liberace prepared in hotel rooms as he toured, according to a review in the Las Vegas Sun by Kristen Peterson:

As a mobile society we’re moving about the country more than ever. Liberace teaches us that sticking to our dietary habits while traveling is not impossible. While touring, Liberace Martha Stewart-ed his way cross-country, proving that there is no need for McDonald’s when you’ve got utensils, pots, pans, dishes and an electric stove to make You’ll-Thank-Me-Later Codfish Cakes or Flamboyant Flambe in your hotel room.

Speaking of codfish cakes, Liberace’s recipes are a miracle of midcentury dining. Succotash, crab balls, even the symphony of white creaminess that is the Angel Bling Cake Pie: These are recipes that are as evocative of a certain dining era as paging through those vintage cooking pamphlets.

Not surprising: Authors Karan and Michael Feder have immortalized Liberace once before, in their book Liberace: Your Personal Fashion Consultant. Surprising: This isn’t the first cookbook of recipes by Liberace. In 2003, Liberace Cooks—A Cookbook! was published by the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts. I guess if you can have several cookbooks about Elvis’s favorite foods, we should give Liberace his due as well.

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