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If you can’t get enough of the salty, spicy, savory goodness of pickles we certainly don’t blame you. Try any of these pickle-flavored snacks to tide you over till your next big dill. 

Pickles are a cult food without question. Just ask the good people of Pittsburgh who enjoy—or endure, depending on how you look at it—a pickle festival called Picklesburgh every year (though not in 2o20). And we all have that friend who loves pickles just a little too much—and I don’t mean that in an NC-17 sort of way. In any case, it should come as no shock that in addition to an ever-expanding selection of actual pickle products, there is a multitude of pickle-flavored and pickle-inspired snacks foods to satiate the dill-obsessed. 

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I personally can’t stop finishing off bags and bags of Kettle dill pickle potato chips, which serve as inspiration for this roundup. But the idea and subsequent digging led through the gates into a wide world of pickle-esque products in which (mostly) no cucumbers were even used.

Behold, the seven best pickle-flavored snacks, and foods you can buy. (That aren’t pickles, of course).

Kettle Dill Pickle Potato Chips, $3.49 on Fresh Direct


The aforementioned and entirely delicious pickle chips get top billing here. With just a hint of vinegar and spice, these chips are truly the tastiest thing you can serve with a turkey club or roast beef sandwich.Buy Now

Dill Pickle Hummus

Trader Joe’s

Speaking of cult followings, Trader Joe’s pickle hummus has gained some serious fandom in its own right. This dip creation does in fact have pickles in it—the only snack on the list—which are cooked down with chickpeas and mixed with tahini and sesame seeds for a creamy, salty, slightly spicy snack.Buy Now

Dill Pickle Seasoning $7.40 on Etsy 


Not to be confused with pickling spice, this mixture is more of a finishing touch for fresh popcorn or nuts, giving them a subtle dill pickle quality. This handmade version is a simple blend of distilled vinegar, salt, dill weed, and garlic powder. Buy Now  

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Dill Pickle Popcorn (2 bags), $16.30 on Amazon


There is no cucumber component to this salty snack (also from Trader Joe’s), but rather a healthy dose of dill seasoning tossed over everyone’s favorite movie snack. I’m honestly a little bothered that I didn’t think of this myself. Order a few bags from Amazon or snag some pickle seasoning and make a fresh batch at home. Buy Now

Dill Pickle Pretzels, $9.07 on Amazon


“Pickle pretzels” is ripe for a tongue twister but also a very tasty snack, according to the Amazon reviews for these homestyle gourmet pretzels tossed in dill pickle spice. A bag of these and some ice-cold beer doesn’t sound horrible, to be honest. Buy Now

Dill Pickle Peanuts, $10.28 on Amazon

Carolina Nut Co.

If pickle seasoning works on popcorn and pretzels, there’s no reason it shouldn’t liven up the almighty peanut too. Carolina Peanut Company sure thinks so, which is why they’ve trotted out a pickle-flavored peanut handcrafted in Henderson, North Carolina. Buy Now

Pickle Juice Hydration Shots (12-pack), $19.99 on Amazon


Last but not least, something a little…out there. Salt is a known cure for acute cramping, and pickle juice is known for, well, having lots of salt. By the transitive property, these pickle juice shots could help quell cramping—as they claim—for athletes like tennis players and distance runners.Buy Now

*Chowhound does not endorse pickle juice as a medical treatment of any kind.

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