Whenever red velvet comes up, so does Auntie Em’s, where the cake is moist, the cream cheese frosting is tangy, and you can get a whole cake, a giant cupcake, or a mini cupcake.

And now there’s whoopee pie, a treat straight out of childhood. The chocolate cake is meltingly moist, a chowhound experience in itself, says JeetJet.

Nearby is another of the pleasures of Eagle Rock: pizza bread from Eagle Rock Italian Bakery. JeetJet says, “This pizza bread is so simple, a thick round bread baked with a special olive oil that creates an eye-closing, tongue–nose–teeth sensation as you bite into the sun-dried tomatoes on top and into that crust around the edge. Add a pepperoni stick and that is what life is about.”

Auntie Em’s Kitchen [Eagle Rock]
4616 Eagle Rock Boulevard, Los Angeles

Eagle Rock Bakery [Eagle Rock]
1726 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles

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