There’s nothing that satisfies quite like a BLT, and while some prefer the path of purity—adding only bread and mayonnaise to the eponymous trio of ingredients—others play with the formula to great effect. Most like their bacon nice and crispy, and everyone agrees that fresh, high-quality produce is essential. A tomato-centric sandwich is best in high tomato season, but if you just can’t wait until July, try halved grape tomatoes.

Many like to use herb-flavored mayo or aioli, and avocado is a favorite add-on. Some hounds make a chopped salad of the bacon, lettuce, and tomato, dress it with mayo, and stuff it in a bun or pita.

Dispensing with lettuce altogether, ETRIXIE uses thinly sliced cucumbers and fresh basil leaves for a nice, cool crunch.

macca also leaves out the lettuce and makes a hot open-face sandwich by layering bacon and tomatoes on toasted bread, topping with a favorite cheese, and broiling it until the cheese is bubbly.

thatgirl153 sprinkles brown sugar and ground chile on the bacon as it cooks, caramelizing it and giving the sandwich a spicy kick.

For some extra B in your BLT, lightly toast your bread and fry it in the bacon grease, then sprinkle with salt before building your sandwich on it, suggests Cinnamon.

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