If Wired, the hip magazine beloved by all techies, wanted to talk about food, who would it consult? Marcel “A foam is a foam is a foam” Vigneron, of course!

In an online exclusive, Wired profiles three of Marcel’s mole-gastro creations: the Cyber Egg, which looks like something you’d see off the port bow of the USS Enterprise, prompting Troi to say, “Captain, I sense … confused hunger”; Potato with Truffle Espuma; and the famous Coffee Caviar, which had its DeMille closeup in last year’s Top Chef finale. Click on the images at the above links, and you can watch a slideshow of step-by-step preparation of each dish.

Wired acknowledges that while Marcel didn’t win the title of Top Chef, his devotion to his favorite cuisine “spoon-fed molecular gastronomy to the masses.”

Personally, I don’t care how groundbreaking the mad scientist–y molecular gastronomy is, there is no way I’m ever going to crave “a bath of calcium chloride.”

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