We have reported on the excellent hot pot at Zone 88 recently; further Chowhound inquiry has revealed the cooking to be excellent all around. With $5.50 midday specials like spicy frog, deep-fried pig intestines, and dry-fried eels, this is not your usual neighborhood American-Chinese joint, says Gary Soup. The food here is 10 times better than the other Asian food on this stretch of San Bruno, says Civil Bear.

Dave MP reports many excellent dishes, including suprisingly great kung pao chicken, garlicky bok choy, and terrific eggplant with garlic. Very enjoyable is the szechuan cold tofu—cold, seasoned tofu over cucumbers and daikons, with a mild chile oil sauce. Presentation on all items is unexpectedly beautiful. Civil Bear highly recommends the hot and crispy fried squid appetizer.

The pork spare ribs in kabocha squash were not so good on Dave MP’s visit, but RWCFoodie reports that they’ve been fabulous in the past. This may be a one-time glitch.

The dry-fried eel is superflavorful, and contains a staggering amount of river eel.

Limited English. Dave MP successfully fed five people for $46, before tip.

Zone 88 [Portola]
2428 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco

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