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What happens when an unstoppable drink trend meets an immovable social media platform? Frozen White Claw slushies on TikTok, that’s what. With quarantine creativity reaching new highs—or lows, depending on where you’re sitting—the frosty, fruity slushie drinks have landed on the social media scene with an icy thud. We might normally condemn something so silly but, to be honest, now is as good a time as ever to throw pretension to the wind and embrace our inner basic. In the spirit of all that, here’s everything you need to know about the White Claw slushie TikTok trend, including all you’ll need to make one yourself.

how to make a slushy cocktail


What Is a White Claw Slushie?

White Claw is the hard seltzer of choice, which exploded onto the beach booze scene a few summers ago. There are now countless other brands with even more flavors, but White Claw remains the dominant hard seltzer, both in sales and as the butt of online jokes and memes, of which there are plenty. Recently, someone had the genius (?) idea of mixing these low-cal hard seltzers in the blender with fresh fruit, ice, and more liquor to create an easy DIY frozen cocktail at home. A few viral TikTok videos later, and voila! Your latest questionable drink trend has arrived. 

How Do You Make a White Claw Slushie?

With so many flavors of the hard seltzer available, the possibilities are numerous, but folks seem to be gravitating towards lemon and lime—which tracks if you’re going for a margarita or daiquiri vibe. Black cherry also seems to be a popular base Claw to use. After choosing a hard seltzer flavor, it’s time to top that with a few scoops of ice, along with fresh or frozen fruit. Berries, pineapple, and more citrus all make popular fruit components. Last but not least, a little hard booze to kick things up another notch. No more than an ounce of vodka, tequila, gin or whisky per serving should do the trick, and you’re in White Claw slushie business. Oh, and don’t forget to fire up the TikTok and make a tipsy video you’ll definitely never regret. 

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White Claw Slushie TikTok Tutorials to Get Started:

  • This slushie is spun up in a Nutri Bullet has black cherry White Claw, vodka, ginger ale, and raspberries. Bonus: you get to listen to Martin Garrix while you learn how to make it.
  • This one created by the super sassy Juulia Abner features mixed berries and lemon White Claw and tequila. It actually sounds ultra-refreshing and gets my vote for the best recipe.
  • This TikTok mixologist shows some restraint, using only fresh fruit and White Claw and no added liquor. A good recipe to try if you’re planning to have a few or start early.
  • And finally, a simple vodka, strawberry, and mango White Claw Slushie to inject a little island flavor into your quarantine. Serve with a red cherry and an obnoxious tiny umbrella if you have.

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