The sushi at Hibino is perfectly fine, but for something out of the ordinary, check out the Kyoto-style small plates called obanzai. They’re the specialty at this Cobble Hill spot, opened in late March by two alumni of Manhattan’s Sushi Samba.

An early crowd-pleaser: cleanly fried croquettes featuring eel and shiso in creamy, risottolike rice. Other recent choices from the daily-changing menu include spring vegetable oshitashi, braised tuna in ginger-soy broth, and smoked salmon ceviche with apple and shiso dressing. House-made tofu and other soy foods might turn up in obanzai—like delicious yuba-wrapped shrimp—or in the also daily-changing miso soups.

Sushi and sashimi feature uncommonly fresh and well-cut fish. Eel is especially nice, reports Nehna. Also recommended: rich, tasty spicy tuna rolls and the filling, kitchen-sink futomaki, loaded with fresh seafood, egg, and other stuff (though some find the competing flavors muddled).

Hibino reminds some locals of Taku, a short-lived hound hangout whose unconventional Japanese menu drew disappointingly sparse crowds on nearby Smith Street. “I hope they can pull off a nontraditional Japanese menu in an area where a similar endeavor failed,” writes lambretta76.

Hibino [Cobble Hill]
Formerly Jam for Bread
333 Henry Street (at Pacific), Brooklyn

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