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There’s a major Vitamix sale happening and if you’ve been dreaming of owning one of the world’s most powerful home blenders, the time to buy is now. If you talk to a Vitamix owner, there’s a good chance they’ll be more than ready to gush over their blender investment for as long as you’ll let them—myself included. I say “investment” because, as amazing as they are, they aren’t exactly cheap. You’ll generally spend between $350 to $600 for a new Vitamix blender, but right now the brand has a major flash sale happening on new and refurbished blenders, including a certified reconditioned Vitamix S50—complete with five-year warranty—down to less than $166.

Vitamix is also dropping the price way down low on a new Vitamix 5200 Standard, selling for just $290 as well as an ultra-powerful Venturist V1200 reconditioned model for only $300 (normally goes for $500 or more). If you’re suspicious about refurbished Vitamix products, in general, CNET did a deep dive into Vitamix’s refurbishing process that may provide some helpful insights and peace of mind. The refurbished models also come with a five-year warranty, just in case. You’ll get free shipping on any model during the flash sale, so check out our top picks from the limited-run Vitamix sale on now.

Vitamix S50 (reconditioned), $166 (normally $340) on Vitamix


The S50 is one of the brand’s sleekest models and surely one of the most powerful home blenders you can buy. Its variable speeds allow you to refine texture with incredible precision, from smooth purées to thicker soups. This model normally retails for $350 or more, so $166 is a heck of a deal for this much blending force. It’s available in red or black and comes with both a 40-ounce container and a 20-ounce blending cup to take drinks on the run. The certified refurbished S50 blender also comes with a free five-year warranty for added peace of mind. Buy Now

If you’ve already got a blender but love the idea of seamlessly taking your shakes and smoothies on the go, I might suggest this personal cup adapter and two 20-ounce blending cups for $30 off the normal price. Just check that it’s compatible with your model before buying.Buy Now

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