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With COVID-19 impacting all aspects of life, Easter celebrations are likely to look at least a little different this year—online masses and Skype sessions with far-flung family, for instance—but we know a lot of people will still be enjoying Easter baskets and traditional dinners. So we’re sharing ideas we hope will help bring happiness to you and yours. Here, an adult Easter basket decked out with all things wine.

Whether or not you are assembling baskets for young ones in your life this Easter, there’s no reason why you can’t play Easter Bunny for an adult or two also. You probably know plenty of candidates who would happily binge their way through a kid-friendly basket of chocolate, Peeps, and jelly beans (*raises hand*) but there are other, adultier basket themes that can be thoughtful and seasonal.

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In this installment: wine. Imagine the joy on the face of your spouse/friend/family member when the seasonal leporine gift delivery service (read: Easter Bunny) has included them in the fun this year with a basket full of wine-themed treats. The basket itself being one of them.

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Rustic Farmhouse Ice Bucket, $30.99 on Amazon


This rustic and playful ice bucket will have begun its tenure in the household as an Easter basket, but will doubtlessly go on to further greatness during summer barbecues, fall harvest celebrations, and holiday shenanigans.Buy Now

Rabbit Wine Opener, $30.11 on Amazon

Rabbit wine opener


Every Easter basket needs a bunny, but not every bunny needs to be made of chocolate. (But of course there WILL be chocolate, never you fear.) This “rabbit” serves a greater purpose: removing the cork that stands between you and the wine.Buy Now

Brix Bites Chocolate For Wine, $13.72 on Amazon

Brix Bites Chocolate For Wine

Brix Bites

In wine terminology, “brix” is a measurement of the sugar content in grapes, so it’s a fitting brand name for chocolate that’s actually designed to pair with wine.Buy Now

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Chardonnay Wine Brittle, $16.95 on Amazon

Chardonnay Wine Brittle


In keeping with the candy theme, since there definitely needs to be multiple types in a true Easter basket, here’s some sweetness made from wine itself. (And while we’re on the subject, chardonnay is also an excellent selection for your Easter brunch fare.)Buy Now

Fred Rubber Chicken Wine Stopper, $16.95 on Amazon

rubber chicken wine stopper


Because using an actual marshmallow Peep as a wine stopper isn’t really recommended. Instead, use Fred. He’s a coq au vin of the highest order.Buy Now

The New Wine Rules, $7.99 on Amazon

The New Wine Rules by Jon Bonne


A little light reading on the topic, like a fresh and zesty Sancerre. Basically, wine knowledge for normal people, including very important information such as you CAN (and should) drink rosé any time of the year.Buy Now

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Insulated Wine Tote, $6.99 on Amazon

wine chiller tote


Along with the bunny and the chocolate, the other hallmark of a successful Easter basket is color, and this insulated wine tote is prettier than even the most meticulously hand-painted Easter egg.Buy Now

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