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Depending on where you live, you’re likely to have at least one option to buy alcohol online, be it wine, beer, or something stronger. Here, the best liquor delivery services to look into.

In life’s more challenging moments, striking the correct mental and physical self-care balance is important. On one hand, now is an especially good time for immunity-boosting activities like getting enough sleep, engaging in socially-distant exercise, eating with intention and balance, and observing frequent hand-washing rituals (favorite song lyrics optional).

On the other hand, can anyone else really use a drink right about now?

Moderate consumption of alcohol during stressful times can be beneficial if it helps you to relax, especially when partnered with the pro-immunity practices above. In order to keep yourself mellow and out of public, here are three ways to get beer, wine, liquor, and even cocktails—a novelty of a rapidly changing landscape—dropped on your doorstep.

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Direct From Local Businesses

Many states already allow liquor stores to deliver, and now is a great time to try to keep your local business afloat. Additionally, as the restaurant industry scrambles to rewrite operating procedures and redefine business models overnight in the face of broad closures, some laws are shifting to allow businesses to include alcohol in their takeout and delivery practices.

These laws will inevitably vary from state to state, but right now in New York State, restaurants and bars are allowed to sell from their drinks list—including bottles of wine and cocktails—with the purchase of food. Other states are currently adjusting restaurant alcohol sales laws including Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, among others. Some restaurants and bars are using their employees as on-foot delivery mechanisms in order to give them employment. If there’s a favorite small restaurant you’d like to see survive this moment in time, consider following them on social media or calling directly to see if they are selling this way, so that the majority of the revenue goes to the local business and their employees.

Restaurants can also use the typical third party restaurant delivery services such as Seamless, GrubHub, Caviar, Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc., to deliver alcoholic beverages where they are being offered along with your food order. 

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Clubs & Subscription Services

If you’ve been sleeping on the idea of a subscription program for your favorite type of calm-down juice, now might be a good time to give it a try. Programs for all types of libation-lovers vary widely in amenities, commitment, and cost, but here are a few highly regarded options in several categories, as well as links for further reading if you want to dig into the research:

Wine: Firstleaf and Winc are wine subscription services that both allow for your personal palate to play into your delivery, offering quality selections that evolve over the life of your subscription based on your feedback about what you’ve previously received. Small shipments of four to six bottles monthly help to keep a budget-friendly price tag, and flexibility allows you to skip or cancel any time. Additionally, meal kit delivery powerhouse Blue Apron offers a selection of six bottles monthly, categorized into stylistic profiles that coordinate with their recipes so you know what wines best pair with what meals.

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Beer: Beer is the most democratically priced of the liquid arts; there’s only so much the price tag can vary to get the highest quality suds. Beer subscription services typically curate 12 interesting bottle or can selections monthly, whether along a wide variety or on a given theme. Craft Beer Club and The Hop Heads Beer Club represent either side of the spectrum.

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Liquor and Cocktails: For those of you who are going to need a little something stronger during these trying times, services such as Flaviar and Saloon Box have you covered whether you seek straight spirits for sipping, or cocktail kits for shaking or stirring.

Online Retailers

The option to buy online for delivery at home has long since been an option, with variations from state to state as to what you can purchase this way. Large online retailers of beer, wine, and spirits include, Caskers, and Liquorama to give you the widest variety and selection.
Depending on how quickly you need it (which may vary with the news cycle), third-party delivery services such as Drizly, Saucey, and Minibar source from your local retailers to get a drink in your hand in under 60 minutes, a welcome balm for an uncertain time.

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