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With COVID-19 impacting all aspects of life, Easter celebrations are likely to look at least a little different this year—online masses and Skype sessions with far-flung family, for instance—but we know a lot of people will still be enjoying Easter baskets and traditional dinners. So we’re sharing ideas we hope will help bring happiness to you and yours. Here, our favorite things to put in an adult Easter basket for health nuts.

For a friend or family member who is obsessive about their health, Peeps and Cadbury just won’t cut it this Easter. Thankfully, the market is bustling with sugar-free, gluten-free fitness and food products. We’ve whittled them down to our favorites for a health-friendly basket even the Easter bunny’s nutritionist would approve of. Check out our recs for the health nut in your life!

The Basket

Baggu Ripstop Tote, $32 on Amazon

Baggu Ripstop Tote


This tote is so versatile, it can easily be used as a light gym bag (no more lugging a huge duffel on public transit) and for a trip to the farmer’s market, potentially all in the same day. Even though they’re very thin, Baggu bags are super durable, easy to wash, and can fit all gym essentials like shoes, clothes, water bottle, etc. What makes this bag a winner, in addition to its weight, is that unlike the simplest Baggu bag, this tote has a zipper to keep all of your fitness items locked in. Throw some Easter grass in it and this bag is ready to be stuffed with healthy goodies! (Plus, it’s available in other colors and patterns if black is too plain.)Buy Now

Souper Cubes, $42 on Food52

Souper Cubes

Food prep isn’t easy and sometimes even the healthiest just don’t feel like coming home and spending an hour chopping veggies. Food52’s Souper Cubes are the perfect gift for a loved one who “eats clean.” Whether they’ve made a bone broth to use as a meal starter or a lentil stew, they can freeze their soup in cube form with a lid to prevent that gross freezer burn taste. Doesn’t get more clean than that.Buy Now

Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger, $11.99 on Amazon


Forego the jellybeans and turn to something with a bit more zest. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties and is a go-to ingredient for any healthy foodie trying to combat an illness. Popping one of these instead of sugary candy before or after a hearty Easter dinner could even help with indigestion and nausea. Buy Now

Tavi Noir Grip Socks, $15.91 on Amazon


Barre studios usually require a grippy sock so guests don’t slide during their workout, but these socks are also great for yoga, pilates, dance, and more. We can assume most health nuts are also probably regulars at some kind of fitness studio and believe us, these will be of good use come spring (or whenever gyms are safe again—until then, these will help anyone working out at home on wooden floors). Not only are these socks good for slipping and sweaty feet, they’re super important for protecting your toes from bacteria and fungus in communal areas. You wash your hands after a workout class, but if you skip a full shower, you probably don’t wash your feet, which is where these socks come in! Easter just got a lot healthier.Buy Now

Hu Kitchen Simply Dark Chocolate, $5.49 on Thrive Market


Just because one is conscious about what they put in their body does not mean treats cannot be had. It’s the day of chocolate bunnies, after all. This gluten-free, paleo chocolate bar is a favorite from New York’s paleo meal service/restaurant Hu Kitchen. It’s not in the shape of an egg or a rabbit, but this decadent chocolate bar is sure to satisfy your health nut’s sweet tooth without all of the chemical additives.Buy Now

One Gallon Motivational Water Bottle, $18.96 on Amazon


Nothing is more important for our bodies and health than hydration, but even the healthiest often aren’t drinking enough water. This water bottle is so big you can bring it to work and won’t have to get up to refill it (this still applies if you’re suddenly working from home). Plus, the little phrases next to the times on the bottle encourage you to keep drinking and show you where your agua consumption should be depending what time it is. Everyone has a million water bottles, but you can guarantee not many people have one that encourages them to keep drinking.Buy Now

Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat, $15 on Amazon


Travel is likely off the table for a while, but luckily, this mat is great to have at home too, especially for those without much storage space. When trips are back on, it’s also particularly perfect for traveling—good news, since the worst part of going out of town for someone who is health conscious is often getting out of their workout routine. Most yoga mats are way too bulky to take with you on a trip, especially considering airlines’ extra luggage pricing these days. But this one is thin, light, and folds up small enough to go into carry-on luggage. Ideal for using on a hotel carpet, it’s sweat resistant, has slip grip, and is certainly something people might not think to buy for themselves. With super cute patterns, this mat is a great surprise for any healthy Easter basket.Buy Now

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