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Instagram isn’t just for selfies and static #foodporn shots anymore; check out some of the best cooking shows on IGTV for proof.

Have you ever found yourself at the gym with a burning desire to learn how to make dan dan noodles? (Or, more likely these days, stuck at home due to social distancing and becoming incredibly bored…and hungry?) Thanks to the chefs that fill their Instagram channels with recipes, relief is just a few clicks away.

While cable is filled with cooking shows, if you’ve cut the cord or just want to be able to watch chefs whip up perfectly flaky pie crust or garlic aioli whenever the whim strikes you, IGTV is a great option. These bite-sized videos that live on the Instagram app offer recipes, kitchen tips, travel guides, and plating ideas to would-be chefs and armchair cooks at the gym, on the bus, or anywhere else in the world, including your apartment.

So here are the best IGTV cooking shows to check out for more food-based fun without leaving the couch.

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Massimo Bottura’s Kitchen Quarantine

One of the timelier options on this list, this recently launched series of live-streaming, free cooking classes from acclaimed Italian chef Massimo Bottura (who you may have seen on “Chef’s Table”) is focused on staying positive by cooking for your family with what’s on hand. Tune in every day at 12 noon PST/3 p.m. EST to catch the live show and receive a dose of optimism from the Michelin-starred chef. You can also catch up on episodes via YouTube.

Cook In A Curry

Maunika Gowardhan makes making Indian food look easy. Whether she’s cooking butter chicken with Jamie Oliver or Kerala style Kozhi Kuttan at home, her easy-to-follow recipes, clear explanations, and simple directions will mean you won’t have to spend your hard-earned cash picking up containers of biryani and aloo gobi again (unless you want to).

So Yummy

They will teach you how to turn desserts into works of art or create cute snacks for a crowd and plate caramel like a pro. They even show how to make McDonald’s apple pie at home. Now that is must-see (IG) TV.

What’s Cooking With Lele Pons

After making a name for herself on Vine (remember Vine?), Lele Pons came to IGTV with a built-in following and a social media crown to reclaim. On each episode of “What’s Cooking?”, Pons faces off against a competitor in a fierce cooking competition. She’s challenged guests (even her own mother!) to dare to try to top her sandwich (or pancakes or mac and cheese, etc.) making skills.


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Ingredients FOR THE RICE TREATS: 1 10-ounce package marshmallows 3 tablespoons butter Pinch of salt 1 cup shredded coconut, sweetened or unsweetened 5 cups dry rice cereal FOR THE “SEAWEED” AND “FISH” TOPPINGS: Fruit roll ups, various colors Fruit leather (darker colors look more like seaweed) Swedish Fish candies Various gummy candies Orange bursting boba Old fashioned raspberry licorice Matcha green tea powder Vanilla frosting Candied ginger, for garnish Steps 1. Make the rice treats: In a large saucepan, combine marshmallows, butter and salt until melted and smooth. Stir frequently. Add coconut and rice cereal. Stir until everything is fully incorporated. 2. Pour mixture onto a large parchment-lined baking sheet, and spread into a single layer. We want a very thin layer of rice cereal, about 1/4-inch thick. Let cereal cool slightly. 3. Make the sushi: Cut/mold rice treat into desired shapes. Use fruit roll ups as nori, and fill rice with assorted gummies. Be creative! 4. Ball up small amounts of rice treat, and wrap with fruit leather; secure with a fruit roll up. Place tapioca pearls on top of the rice treats. This looks like salmon roe. Place Swedish Fish candy on oval rice treats; wrap with a small fruit roll up strip. This looks like classic sushi. 5. Mix matcha green tea powder with vanilla frosting to create “wasabi”. Garnish with chocolate sauce for soy sauce and candied ginger. Enjoy!

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You know those mesmerizing food-making videos that are all over Facebook? The ones where a pile of ingredients are quickly transformed into a skillet of white chicken chili dip that has you wiping drool off your phone? Tastemade’s IGTV channel is filled with recipes like that. Learn to make Nashville Hot Chicken, bar-raising appetizers, and killer desserts all in quick bite videos that are oddly satisfying to watch.

Brunch Boys

The Brunch Boys IGTV channel is like a stream of travelogues meets mukbang video as host Jeremy Jacobowitz eats his way around the world. For those of us who don’t like pancakes or waffles, don’t fear: the Brunch Boys have a very expansive definition of “brunch”. The videos include everything from cheesy Korean rice cakes to vegan kale pancakes and deep fried brunch pizza.

Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama is a London-based foodie and fitness blogger with a posh British accent that makes everything sound just that much more glamorous. Her IGTV channel not only hosts her vegan cooking show, but also shows her fitness routine, taste tests of vegan food, and a cruelty-free skincare regimen that gives her a gorgeous glow. Basically, it’s like a vegan Vogue magazine come to life.

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Food Network

The OG food channel has done a commendable job adapting to the modern age. Their IGTV channel lets cord-cutting fans watch all their favorite Food Network stars show off their skills in the kitchen. There’s Alton Brown making game day sliders, Duff Goldman whipping up treats, Molly Yeh making latkes, and everyone wishing Ina Garten a happy birthday.

Gather and Feast

Ashley Alexander makes really pretty food and her IGTV channel shows how she does it. Whether she’s turning a roasted pumpkin into a drop dead gorgeous salad or pulling off culinary magic and making golden, crisp mashed potatoes, her videos are informative, easy to follow, and fun to watch.


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⁣ 🚘 @metrowrapz

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Jonathan Cheban rose to fame as Kim Kardashian’s best friend on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” but he has made a name for himself as an Instagram (and Snapchat) famous foodie. And when we say he made a name for himself, we mean it: Cheban legally changed his name to Foodgod in 2019. That just goes to show how dedicated he is to living the food-loving dream, including making sure that there is a steady stream of entertaining food content on his IGTV channel.

What’s Gaby Cookin

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Gaby is probably cookin’ it. Chef and cookbook author Gaby Dalkin fills her IGTV channel with engaging, colorful videos showcasing recipes for any occasion or mood swing. There are delicious options whether you want something healthy like avocado kale salad or something decidedly less so (Christmas crack is good anytime of the year, IMHO). She also has eater’s guides to cities around the world, including Mexico City and London, that map out all the must-eat treats for hungry travelers.

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