No, I’m not talking about Passions reruns. Instead, I’ve got an exciting update to Grinder writer James Norton’s original cheddarvision post. No, seriously, it’s VERY exciting—hey, where’re you going?

Cheddarvision now provides a link to a YouTube video in which—for those of you too antsy to watch 12-plus months of cheese aging, which by the way you really should work on that, because patience is a virtue—you can watch three months of aging in about one minute.

Watch the West Country tag get flipped and wonder why! Ponder the meaning of the rose blip! Get beside yourself (SPOILER ALERT!) when the video slows enough to show you a cheese plug being pulled for tasting! This much excitement should be as illegal as raw-milk Camembert.

The comments on this video range from “[C]ool, where can I buy the DVD?” to “Wow! That’s like a time-lapse of my underwear.”

Frankly, it is stuff like this that makes the whole Interwebs thing worthwhile.

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