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Have you ever wished your drab kitchen appliances better matched your couture-only closet? Well if you have, and you’ve also got a few grand collecting dusts, you can solve this classic quandary quite easily. 

Retro Italian kitchen appliance-maker SMEG has teamed up with (sometimes-problematic) Italian design house Dolce & Gabbana for more coastal Italian-inspired luxury kitchen appliances, fit with eye-popping price tags.

très chic9 Flatbread Recipes That Look Like Works of ArtThis, the third installment of an ongoing “Sicily is my Love’‘ collaboration between the two Italian legacy brands, features three large appliances adorned with blue and white Majolica patterns inspired by the Mediterranean. The FAB28 fridge, Victoria oven range, and range hood are lavished with intricate images of Mount Etna, Grecian ruins from the Valley of the Temples, and ruins of a castle built by the Byzantines. Che Bello!

If Mediterranean blue isn’t your thing, you can get these same appliances with similar patterns in (previously released) fiery red and orange hues. Along with the fridge, range hood, and oven, are smaller appliances in the “Sicily is my Love” line like SMEG’s drip-coffee maker, stand mixer, tea kettle, and 4-slice toaster among others—though not yet in the Majolica blue. 

All are made in Italy and available for purchase online in the U.S. through Neiman Marcus (*checks credit card limit*).

SMEG x Dolce & Gabbana Majolica FAB28 Fridge, on Neiman Marcus, $5,000 on Neiman Marcus


SMEG’s retro lines meet D&G’s classic Italian patterns in this statement fridge, made from stainless steel, and available now.Buy Now

SMEG x Dolce & Gabbana Majolica Range Hood, $5,000 on Niemen Marcus


Imagine this oven hood dangling in the middle of your oceanfront pier de terre kitchen. Now I just need to get that dang oceanfront pier de Terre.Buy Now

SMEG x Dolce & Gabbana Majolica Oven Range, $10,000 on Niemen Marcus


So pretty you won’t want to use it! This full-width stove features heavy-duty cast-iron continuous grates, enameled cavity, and 20,000 BTU central burner.Buy Now


Header image courtesy of SMEG USA.

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