Taqueria Las Mulitas is one of those restaurants that we in SoCal take for granted and Chowhounds in places like Minneapolis can only dream about, says Das Ubergeek.

You’ve got fresh seafood like ceviche and cocteles; tacos and sopes; dishes like chile relleno; a few burritos as a nod to the gabachos; and the house specialty, mulitas.

A mulita is a lot like a quesadilla: cheese and meat sandwiched between two thick corn-based patties that are slightly gritty and toothsome, like a tortilla pancake made of grits. Al pastor, though chopped fine, is smoky and wonderful, and it’s paired in the mulita with some panela. Sopes are very tasty and obviously homemade, although the carnitas is a little dry. Red salsa is smoky, heavy on the chiles, and a bit greasy, but very, very unctuous, like a really good taqueria salsa should be. There’s also salsa verde, onions with cilantro, limes, and carrots en escabeche.

Mulita al pastor is $3; sopes con carnitas and a drink are $5.

Another variation on a masa patty, the huarache, is exactly as it should be at Sabor a Mexico, says lvgoodfood. With beans, Mexican cheese, and the perfect carne asada on top, it’s delicious. Agua de jamaica and horchata are tasty and refreshing, and the place is clean and welcoming.

Taqueria Las Mulitas [Orange County]
2115 E. Ball Road, Anaheim

Sabor a Mexico [Culver City]
8940 National Boulevard, Los Angeles

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