Ice cream flavored like caramel salt, coffee, and deep chocolate at Delicieuse practically made westsidegal levitate.

angelatmytable seconds the rave, having tried other flavors like strawberry and maple before settling on Chocolate Millionaire (rich, natch, and dark without being bitter); a mixed-berry sorbet made with absolutely fresh fruit; and the standout, coconut–goat milk. The flavor is full, smooth, and fragrant without being overly sweet.

Hours are limited but may expand this summer. It’s a bit pricey, too, at $3 a scoop.

angelatmytable’s favorite for value, taste, and inventiveness is Scoops, where owner and chief ice creamer Tai Kim has had a burst of creativity lately: foie gras and sweet cream, champagne and Asian pear sorbet, and extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt mousse.

Olive oil is one of the best flavors djquinnc has ever had at Scoops, while the foie gras is subtle … maybe too subtle. Worth a try.

Milk is a real find for a dairy lover, says Pei, who discovered the banana butterscotch ice cream bar on a recent visit. The ice cream is fluffy and creamy, with intense banana flavor. The butterscotch is thin, crispy, and buttery, with shards of almonds. The cost for one big bar: $3.

The owner of Cafe Lucca is devoted to the art of making gelato, often concocting ice cream into the wee hours of the night, says OCBites. As for running a restaurant, it’s not so much his thing.

Das Ubergeek encountered some seriously clueless service and a mediocre caprese sandwich (good filling, crappy tough French roll). Still, he says, the gelato is really good, and so are the madeleines and even an espresso, properly made with good crema.

Delicieuse [Beaches]
2503 Artesia Boulevard, Redondo Beach

Scoops [East Hollywood]
712 N. Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles

Milk [Central City]
7290 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

Cafe Lucca [Orange County]
106 N. Glassell Street, Orange

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