Sfoglia may look like an anonymous Italian bakery, but it is most definitely not. It’s packed full of southern Italian gems–cannolis, tarts, pizzettas, and more. And, report Chowhounds, everything there is at least very good; some items are spectacular.

rworange’s favorite item is the savory tart ($2.75)—a tasty, buttery tart shell, topped with a little cheese and a lot of veggies, including some tasty portobellos and truly excellent roasted peppers. Pizzettas come with excellent meat and veggie toppings, on top of a pillowy, yeasty crust.

There are also cannoli ($3), freshly fried, wonderfully crisp, and filled to order with lightly sweetened, orange-zested ricotta. They shatter perfectly with each bite, says Melanie Wong.

And there’s beautiful, golden brown sfogliatelle ($2.50). The thin, hand-pulled layers of pastry have that distinctive brittle crispness; the filling is like the cannoli’s, but with an extra, eggy richness. The cheese makes it a little soggy in the middle, which is the only thing that prevents this treat from achieving the balanced perfection of the cannoli.

The folks are friendly; atmosphere is open, airy, sunny, and distinctly Mediterranean.

Sfoglia Italian Bakery & Cafe [Sonoma County]
At the Sebastopol Antique Society
2661 Gravenstein Highway, Suite H, Sebastopol

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Sfoglia Italian Bakery & Café

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