Good things come on sharp sticks at Koshiji, a Little Tokyo joint where pleasurepalate was blown away by juicy, smoky pork belly with shiso leaf, and crisp-tender green beans wrapped with pork.

Even before that, you get complimentary fresh veggies and an addictive miso-based sauce that’s great on the skewers too.

Baked sweet potatoes dripping with butter add a nice sweet note to a meal of savories. Garlic that’s grilled until meltingly tender is also a bit sweet.

Proving, at least for this meal, that you can’t go far wrong with anything wrapped in pork (lamb chops and duck breast struck out), okra in pork was tasty. Chicken meatballs and quail eggs are good too.

For dessert, coffee Jell-O is sort of like a twist on a cup of coffee, (whipped) cream on the side.

Koshiji [Little Tokyo]
123 S. Onizuka Street #203, Los Angeles

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