Fine Cooking does a fine job of hailing one of spring’s least appreciated ingredients in its May issue, devoting a full-on juicy four-page spread to rhubarb. (You can view a largely symbolic preview online.)

Rhubarb’s ass-kicking tanginess parallels the potential of cranberries to take otherwise one-dimensional (or even insipid) desserts to a higher level. The Fine Cooking spread presents strawberry-rhubarb pie, cinnamon-rhubarb muffins, rhubarb–brown sugar crumble, and strawberry-rhubarb compote with vanilla and cardamom.

The story does raise the possibility of using rhubarb compote as a spread for a cold pork loin sandwich, which sounds crazy delicious … and makes one hunger for a four-recipe spread on rhubarb that goes in an entirely savory direction.

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