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Cooking habits change depending on where you are and so do internet-searching habits around cooking, recipes, and those all-important kitchen tools. Empire Today recently looked at which kitchen tools and gadgets each U.S. state was Googling most in 2019, and on two of the busiest e-commerce days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Gadgetry9 Kitchen Gadgets That Are Just So ExtraThough some newer kitchen tools and gadgets like the Instant Pot multi-cooker and air fryer made the list in certain states. Other states were more interested in classics like blenders, citrus juicers, and coffee makers—perhaps looking for the latest and/or greatest model or simply searching for that perfect deal.

Overall, immersion blenders were the most-searched-for kitchen gadget nationwide (veggie spiralizer was top of the list in 2018) and was the top gadget in three separate states. Bacon press took the top spot overall during Black Friday and Cyber Monday-searching; clearly on folks’ mind for holiday gifting this year. 

From the BBQ-obsessed Southern states to the health-conscious Pacific Northwest and every state in between (plus Alaska, Hawaii, and D.C.) here are the most-Googled kitchen gadgets in the U.S., along with a few of our top picks in each category. 

Alabama, Deep Fryer

It’s no secret that the South likes its fried food, so it should also come as no surprise that Alabamans are interested in personal deep fryers.

Alaska, Food Processor

A good food processor can make life in the kitchen so much easier. Alaskans know this all too well.

Arizona, Cake Decorating Kit

A very specific kitchen gadget to be sure, but also one of the most fun on the list. You can find them in all sorts of fun and classic designs. 

Ateco 14-Piece Pastry Decorating Set, $20 on Sur La Table

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Arkansas, Knife Block Set

A big wildlife and game-hunting state, Arkansas residents are clearly fans of a solid knife set.

California, Blender

We can only assume famously health-conscious Californians are mixing up lots of green smoothies in their most-searched-for kitchen gadgets.

Ninja Professional Blender System, $83.99 on Bed Bath & Beyond

A good blender is a serious game-changer.
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Colorado, Electric Griddle

Could it be all the camping (or glamping) in The Centennial State that accounts for interest in electric griddles(which are often portable)?

Connecticut, Magic Bullet Blender

Coastal Connecticut seems to love the convenience of the iconic infomercial item: the Magic Bullet Blender.

Delaware, Rice Cooker

Obviously, folks in The Diamond State have as much trouble cooking rice as I do and are looking for a simpler way. 

Insignia Rice Cooker, $19.99 on Best Buy

Save yourself from under or overcooked rice.
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Washington D.C., Toaster Oven

D.C. politicos are famously busy, so a quickly toasted bagel might really be all they have time for in the morning. 

Florida, Frozen Concoction Machine

:: Insert Jimmy Buffet lyric here::

Georgia, Bacon Press

Georgians have the whole indulgence thing down to a science. 

Lodge Cast Iron Bacon Press, $14.97 on Amazon

For the crispiest bacon try a weighted bacon press.
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Hawaii, Dehydrator

With all that tropical fruit lying around, it’s no surprise Hawaiins are looking for fun ways to prepare and preserve it. 

Idaho, Immersion Blender

I can’t think of a better way to make (Idaho) potato leek soup. 

Illinois, Bacon Press

We have our favorite way to cook bacon, but The Prairie State seems to love pressin’ its pork just like Georgia. 

Indiana, Coffee Maker 

The Hoosier State is caffeine-obsessed just like the rest of us and is most interested in the best and latest coffee makers available.

Cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker, $94.99 on Best Buy

As functional as it is fashionable.
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Iowa, Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour-over coffee is one of the newer trends in home coffee-making and captured the attention of Iowans in 2019. You can find them very inexpensively or buy this complete pour-over system for a bit more.

Kansas, Slow Cooker

It can actually get pretty chilly down in Kansas during the winter which might explain the spike in search results for slow cookers.

Kentucky, Immersion Blender

Is Bourbon soup a thing? Who knows, but it seems like Kentuckians like this handy hand-held blender and have been searching for it quite a bit in the past year.

KitchenAid 2-Speed Immersion Blender, $49.99 on Best Buy

Just the thing for fast blending without any fuss.
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Louisiana, Deep Fryer

If you’ve spent any time in New Orleans, you’d know tasty fried foods like beignets and fried oyster po’ boys take center stage. Looks like Louisianans have been searching out ways to make them at home.

Maine, Coffee Maker

It gets mighty cold in Maine and that means lots of hot coffee to warm up in the morning. 

Maryland, Citrus Juicer

Perhaps folks in Maryland had started getting carpal tunnel from squeezing lemons over their world-famous crabs. Enter this handy helper. 

Black + Decker Electric Juicer, $15.96 on Amazon

No more lemon juice in your eye.
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Massachusetts, Immersion Blender

By far the easiest way to blend up a hot, salty pot of New England clam chowdah.

Michigan, Pastry Blender

Pastry blender might sound complicated but it’s actually a simple and practical tool for mixing hard fat into flour for perfect pastry dough.

Pastry Blender, $12 on Sur La Table

A perfectly simple tool for making well-blended pastry dough.
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Minnesota, Pizza Cutter

While not necessarily known for its pizza scene, it seems more Minnesotans are taking their chance with homemade pizza pie.

Mississippi, Food Chopper

This simple hand-operated version of a food processor is big in The Magnolia State.

Missouri, Cocktail Shaker

“The Show-Me State” is looking to be shown a martini or two. Shaken, not stirred.

Montana, Electric Knife

With as much beef as they’ve got in Montana, it’s not exactly shocking its residents are interested in the easiest method for slicing steaks and roasts.

Black + Decker Electric Knife, $10.99 on Wayfair

A great starter knife for trying out electric.
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Nebraska, Popcorn Maker

Nebraskans like curling up to a movie with popcorn just like everyone else. And don’t forget the best movie theater candy.

Nevada, Blender

Nevada loves blenders most, probably for frozen cocktails or hangover cures. Or both!

New Hampshire, Tea Kettle

Nothing goes with Robert Frost poetry (or cold New Hampshire weather) quite like a warm cup of herbal tea. 

OXO Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, $79.99 at Bloomingdales

A pretty little vessel to have sitting on your stovetop.
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New Jersey, Citrus Juicer

They don’t grow citrus in Jersey but they’re definitely squeezing it up, and a citrus juicer makes it that much easier.

New Mexico, Hand Blender

Try making a smooth Southwestern salsa with one of these and you’ll never go back.

New York, Electric Wine Opener

You gotta have something to go with all those New York strip steaks, right? 

Modal Recharchable Wine Opener, $19.99 on Best Buy

The faster you can open them the faster we can drink them.
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North Carolina, Pastry Blender

Down South, buttery pastry is one of the main food groups and a pastry blender is as helpful as anything for getting the dough exactly right. 

North Dakota, Sous Vide Stick

Sous vide is one of the best ways to cook perfectly tender meats, something they have plenty of up in North Dakota.

Anova Sous Vide Stick, $99.99

A nifty gadget for perfectly tender meats and fish.
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Ohio, Flavor Injector

Ohio is a red-blooded, red meat-eating state and that means marinade and flavor injectors get plenty of use.

Oklahoma, Vitamix Blender

The Vitamix is one of those kitchen gadgets that makes you wonder how you ever did without. Just ask an Oklahoman. 

Oregon, Pasta Machine

With no shortage of foodies in The Beaver State, a good pasta machine is on people’s minds, and in their search engines, too.

Marcato Regina Pasta Maker, $59.99 on Sur La Table

Pasta-making fun for the whole family.
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Pennsylvania, Pizza Cutter

Pennsylvania is up there with New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as one of the best few pizza states in the union. 

Rhode Island, Hand Blender

With all the seafood being plated in Rhode Island, someone—or something—has got to make the cocktail sauce and aioli. 

South Carolina, Apple Corer

In order to make an apple pie, you’ve got a core a few apples. Is that the expression? Maybe not, but it should be. 

South Dakota, Food Mill

This classic kitchen tool does a whole lot with a few cranks and some elbow grease. 

Tennessee, Magic Bullet Blender

As seen on TV, and big as ever in Tennessee.

Magic Bullet Blender, $29.99 on Best Buy

Spin up a smoothie or shake in seconds with almost no hassle or cleanup.
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Texas, Basting Brush

You can’t do good BBQ—Texas or otherwise—without a good bit of basting.

Utah, Fondue Set

Utah might not be a big drinking state, but they certainly have their melted cheese on lock.

Vermont, Air Fryer

Vermont is a famously health-conscious state and the air fryer is one of the last kitchen crazes for making healthier versions of fried foods.

Dash Air Fryer, $49.99 on Bed Bath & Beyond

Try the trendy air fryer for healthier fried snacks.
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Virginia, Milk Frother

A frothy cappuccino or latte makes any morning just a little bit better.   

Washington, Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable choppers are great for fast salsas, soups, or anything that requires vegetables…chopped. 

West Virginia, Candy Thermometer

A $10 candy thermometer will save your soul if you’re looking to make a batch of caramel or temper chocolate for a fancy dessert.

Wisconsin, Salad Spinner

Nobody likes soggy, wet lettuce, least of all a Wisconsinite.

Wyoming, Instant Pot

The Instant Pot has redefined kitchen gadgetry this decade and folks in Wyoming have this multi-function pressure cooker on the brain. 

Instant Pot Dou Nova 6-Quart Multicooker, $69.99 on Best Buy

There's almost nothing it can't do.
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Find the full study conducted by Empire Today here.

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