Searching for something to get the epicure who has everything? May’s Bon Appétit has a surprisingly sweet collection of high-class travel gadgets that range from the chic (the Suck UK pocket corkscrew) to the sleek (the Casio Exilim Card camera, which has a “food photography” setting) to the faintly ridiculous (an awesome-looking $22 portable salt and pepper shaker).

What these items may lack in sheer practicality and economy, they more than make up for as elegant stocking stuffers/birthday gifts/“Hey, I was thinking about you and I’ve decided that you’re pretty cool” tokens for the food-lovers in your world.

And while you’re gadget shopping, Fine Cooking writes up a shockingly useful yet simple $6.99 clip-on spoon rest that attaches itself to your pot and holds your spoon horizontally. No more dirty spoon rests and/or counters. Simple. Brilliant. Too bad it’s back-ordered until May.

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