Travel magazines are mostly useless when it comes to food. The vast majority of travel rags are pitched directly at upscale travelers, who, in true anti-Chowhound style, are often more interested in reading about the latest four-star spots than searching for delicious grub in out-of-the-way places. That’s why the unpretentious food coverage in Budget Travel magazine, an offshoot of guidebook publisher Frommer’s, is so refreshingly welcome.

This month, interior design blogger and Brooklynite Grace Bonney provides a stellar neighborhood guide for her borough. The piece encompasses eats, entertainment, and shopping, but it’s the food I zeroed in on, naturally. The writer has good taste, lauding the homemade doughnuts at DuMont, the Malt-Ball Cake at Baked, and the justifiably famous sea-salt-and-olive-oil pizza pie at Franny’s. If you’re unfamilar with the ’hood, print out one of the walking-tour maps that accompany the story, and start nibbling. Mmm.

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